Quartus II in Mint VM.

Setting up Quartus II on my Linux virtual machine just to see if I can get it working.  Going to document all steps needed / problems that occur in case I need to do this again one day.

  • Using DE2 board.
  • Downloaded the 64 bit linux version of Quartus II 13.1
  • Installed with all optional boxes checked.

Use the new project wizard; these settings are specific to my DE2 board.

  • Next
  • Choose a directory, choose a project name, Next
  • Next
  • Family: Cyclone II, Package FBGA (this typo has been here forever)
  • Pin Count 672, Speed Grade 6
  • EP2C35F672C6, Next
  • Simulation Format: Verilog HDL
  • Finish

Using the following simple code for testing:

module tester(a,b);
    input wire a;
    output wire b;
    assign b = !a;

  • Create a new verilog file and paste the code.
  • Save
  • Project -> Add Current File to Project
  • Project Navigator -> Files -> right click the .v file and set as top level entity.
  • Be sure that the name of the module in the .v file matches the name of the file itself.
  • Processing -> Start Compilation.
  • Good so far, no errors, 12 warnings.

Now, to get it onto the board itself.


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