USB Blaster in VirtualBox.

How to get Quartus II to see the DE2 board in VirtualBox.

  • Connect the DE2 USB Blaster.
  • Close VirtualBox.
  • Settings -> USB, Enable USB Controller
  • Choose USB 2.0
  • Click the plus icon to add the USB Blaster.
  • Save changes.
  • Start VirtualBox.

Programming the board:

  • Tools -> Programmer.
  • Hardware Setup -> Currently Selected Hardware -> USB-Blaster Variant 2-2
  • Close
  • Start

Here I ran into an error: Error (209053): Unexpected error in JTAG server — error code 89.

This site here helped me get everything working:  This version of Quartus is old and relies on usbfs which has been deprecated.  This site has a workaround that worked beautifully.  At this point I can program my board like usual. Now to find a cool project to implement.


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